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Personal Services

Personal finances can be a challenge for anyone. Let the professionals at Ochotny CPA help you alleviate the stress of taxes, cash flow & accounting, retirement planning and estate planning. Rest assured all of our services are coordinated so that you get the most personalized and effective strategies for your specific situation.

We'll take care of those challenging tasks or set you up so that you're in a good position to handle some of those items on your own while we take care of the rest. You have enough going on in your life... work, family, friends, and other obligations.

That's why we recommend delegating tasks to a professional so you have time to live your life the way you want. If you don't see something listed specifically, please contact us to find out if we can help you in your individual situation.

Tax Planning and Returns

We can handle your individual and family income tax filing as well as review your current situation and develop tax planning strategies to help you minimize your tax burden.

Cash Flow and Accounting

Financial issues can be expected or happen suddenly. It is in how you prepare for them that makes a big difference. We can help you prepare as well as triage emergency situations so that you and your family are supported in the best way possible.

Retirement Planning

Utilizing your retirement benefits in the most effective way could save you in taxes later on. We work with you in reviewing your options and recommending appropriate contribution strategies to maximize your tax savings. Once you’re ready to retire, we will also review your distribution options to prepare you for and manage the tax ramifications effectively. For more information on additional retirement planning services offered through our association with Ochotny Wealth Management, please Click Here.

Estate Planning

Albeit an emotional and often neglected topic, proper estate planning can make a world of difference to you and those you leave behind. Proper estate setup, management, maintenance and execution are integral in minimizing the tax ramifications when a loved one passes while maximizing the legacy left behind for heirs.